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CagalliLover84's Ah! Megami-sama Tv Review

Ah! Megami-sama

Rated: 8

I think the series is overall great... A definite keeper.. when it comes out to dvd in region 1 I plan on purchasing the series. It had splendid humour and was very enjoyable to watch. I enjoyed the side stories more than the main story. I hope for a second season to the series or another OAV for the series.. The franchise is a classic and I believe that all anime lovers should watch this. Originality his hard to say... this was one of the first and there are so many others... The fact that the TV series is recent yet the OAV is relatively old is hard to say... I started watching anime in 2000 and the TV series came out in 2005 so many different anime came out during that time which may have similary qualities of this franchise.

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